Wedding Loans

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    Weddings should be filled with happiness and joy. Everyone had a perfect wedding scenario planned out in their mind, because as we all know, it is one of the most important events in our entire life.

    However, its a expensive figure to plan a perfect and grand wedding. They can range from S$27,000 (lower range), S$39,500 (middle range) and an upper range of S$52,000. On top of this, the wedding banquet itself will set you back by another $30,000 – $50,000, for a total of 300 guests. Of course, if you have fewer guests, you can expect to pay less. Most of us will stick to the basics and try to cut corners, but we understand that some of the necessities are a must and cannot do without no matter how many items you have tried to strike off the wedding planning list.

    Feeling bogged down and thinking of shelving your wedding plans for another year? Don’t. We might just have the right solution for you. With our personalized wedding loans, we hope to see more couples hold their dream nuptials by facilitating the financing to bring your dream wedding to life. We are committed to ensuring that your special day is truly memorable and this is why at Phillip Credit, we’ll have the wedding loan tailored to suit your needs.

    Talk to our friendly loan officers today and grab a wedding loan with the lowest interest from us today. We are the foundation of your financial structure.