Short Term Loans

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    Shopping with your payday money can be great. With so many things you can buy—new television, a spanking new shoes, delicious food, a pair of movie tickets for you and a loved one, or maybe even a spa massage. In hardworking Singapore, it’s common for people to reward themselves every once in awhile for working hard. 

    But what if your salary is still a few days away and you need cash urgently? What if there is an emergency and it caught you off guard with no cash on hand? Are you just going to dream about your salary and hope for the better? Well, for starters, short term loans should not scare you that much.

    If you’re running low on cash and your salary is just a few days away, you can consider getting a short term loan. With Phillip Credit, we pride ourselves in being the best lenders in Singapore, we make the proper arrangement for you so you would’t have to worry.

    Among all the dozens of lending companies that exist all around Singapore, we offer the quickest approval process and offers the most flexible repayment plans.  If that’s the case, going with Phillip Credit, the one that’s more authentic and evidently committed to helping a borrower.


    Also known as a short term loan, our payday loan is perfect for people that just need some extra money to get through till your next payday. As the name suggests, is lent between a short period. Payday Loan (Short Term Loan) is the most popular loan types in Singapore, as it provides instant cash with flexible repayment plans.

    Our sharp-witted team serves with no processing delays. We know that every minute counts, and we strive to make the process as quick as possible. No more weeks of waiting for approval!

    Grab a short term loan/payday loan with the lowest interest from Phillip Credit and start building your dream. We are the foundation of your financial structure.