Foreigner loans

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    Foreigner loan is customized to cater to foreigners staying in Singapore, who need to stabilize their critical monetary conditions especially when you first relocate to our little sunny island. You and your family might need a financial helping hand to tide you over during your settling in period. Be it for the down payment on your rented home, the deposit of your new car or even some cash to get comfortable before your relocation package from your company kicks in.

    No matter what reason, our Foreigner Loan package is a perfect match, be it for emergency purpose, health enhancement expenses, appliances or gadgets, or even cash to send money way back home.

    To apply for our Foreigner loan, the following documents may be required:

    • A valid identity card
    • Passport
    • A valid work permit
    • Latest original payslip
    • Tenancy agreements
    • Proof of address

    As a reliable licensed moneylender – Phillip Credit offers the best loan plans that help you to stay comfortable during your time of stay in Singapore.

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