Business Loans

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    Running a business have its ups and downs, from starting, expanding and managing a business requires funds in every stages in a business cycle. It’s intimidating when there is no funding support during the time of need and we all understand that it is always hard to get a favor from family and friends. 

    Some of the unique features of our business loans include:

    Easy application: Fill the online form and we will get back to you immediately after we looked through your application, and will call you back to make an appointment with us at our office.

    Flexible interest rates: Every business is unique and we believe in offering tailored services that suit a particular company’s needs. Give us a call or visit us for more consultation and information.

    Fast approval: Our team works fast and you will get a quick response on approval withing an hour so hence you do not have to wait for weeks to get your loan approval

    Solid advice: Before approval, we will advise you regarding available options and the best to suit your type of business. We assess your business and help you determine how much you really need to borrow. Our loan officers can also help you make an informed financial decision, so feel free to call our loan officers to understand better.

    Banks may also be a great source of help when funding is required, but it is urgent and you need it fast, do approach Phillip Credit for a chat, and our friendly loan officers will do our best to plan a workable loan package for your business needs.